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Steps to Request a RHY-HMIS Account

The Runaway and Homeless Youth – Homeless Management Information System (RHY-HMIS) is a system created in 2020. Due to the new system and security requirements, all users are required to submit a ‘User Access Request Form’ and take a security awareness training and submit the certificate of completion to gain access to the system.

1. User Access Request Form

  • There are two roles in the RHY-HMIS Data Collection system: the (1) Grantee User and the (2) Grantee Manager. Both roles can upload data and view reports within the system. The difference between these roles is that the Grantee Manager has privileged permission to add/remove Grantee User accounts for their agency.
  • All users - download and complete the User Access Request Form
  • Who approves Part D on my form?
    • If you request a Grantee User account → your agency’s designated Grantee Manager or the Grantee Administrative Official (GAO)/Grantee Authorizing Representative (ADO) in Grant Solutions will sign and approve.
    • If you request a Grantee Manager account → your regional Federal Project Officer (FPO) will sign and approve.
    **If you are not sure of who your Grantee Manager or FPO is, please reach out to the RHY-HMIS Service Desk to inquire.
  • Please ensure your entire application is complete when submitting your form.

2. Security Training/Certificate

  • Obtaining an account with the RHY-HMIS requires you to take the HHS Cybersecurity Training and submit a certificate upon completion. If your grantee organization offers a different security training, you can also complete and submit that certificate.

3. Submit Documents

  • For users requesting a Grantee User account:
    • If there is a Grantee Manager account holder in your organization, submit your documents to them. They will approve, upload your documents and create a Grantee User account for you.
      • If there is not a Grantee Manager account holder in your organization, submit both documents for review and approval to the RHY-HMIS Service Desk.
  • For users requesting a Grantee Manager account:

**If you have not used the RHY-HMIS Service Desk, you will need to create a username and password the first time you visit. This username and password will be different than your RHY-HMIS username and password.

4. Receive Approval to RHY-HMIS!